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This gallery houses the pictures, sculptures, memories, and artifacts of High Chief Sasere Ayotilerewa Awosika, his direct children and his brother, High Chief Sasere Akinbuli.

This gallery also contains the pillar of Religion which exhibit pictures and memories of Awosika family members who first pioneered and established four religions, namely, Anglican (CMS), Islam, Cherubim and Seraphim, and Celestial Church of Christ in Ondo Kingdom.

The Awosika hall of fame exhibits inductees of Awosika descendants who have made recognisable achievements in all spheres of life.

The Hall of Fame enshrines the inductees’ with historical pictures, sculptures, plaques, displays of memorabilia, historical records or the
physical primary documents that have been accumulated over the course of the lifetime of the inductees.

The Hall of fame also enshrines notable Ondo indigenes that have contributed in no small means to the progress of Ondo

The Ekimogun Gallery consists of displays of Ondo history, Customs, traditional festivals, past and present Osemawe Paramount ruler of Ondo Kingdom, other notable High-Chiefs, Chiefs and notable Ondo Indigenes.
The Chief Dr. Victor Oloyede Awosika Museum Exhibition Hall is used to hold non-permanent/rotational exhibitions on a periodic basis. Such exhibitions could be nationally or internationally invited educational, cultural scientific or health related display. The Exhibition hall will also be used for training, lectures, dignified reception, small gatherings, and meetings
The Awosika Mausoleum is located just before the Odotu roundabout coming from Igunrin Street. This Mausoleum is the burial site of High Chief Ayotilerewa Awosika, his brother High Chief Sasere Akinbuli and Ayotilerewa’s first son, High Chief Sasere Akinrinlola Awosika. The Mausoleum has also been restored to befit and preserve the history of the Awosika family progenitory.

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